What's Included In This Workshop
What Boundaries Are and the Different Types of Boundaries

Jen and Lisa will define boundaries and explain the 4 main types of boundaries that need to be set.

Empaths and Boundaries

As an empath, setting boundaries can be difficult. Jen and Lisa will explain to you why this is the case.

Setting Effective Energetic Boundaries

As an empath, it is the energetic boundaries that are often crossed. Jen and Lisa will show you how you may begin to start setting effective energetic boundaries.

Aligning with the Feeling of Yes or No

If you are surrounded by energy vampires and you find them crossing your boundaries, then you need to start feeling whether you should answer yes or no. Jen and Lisa will show you how to recognise these feelings and a technique that really helps.

3 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries

Now it’s action time. Here, Jen and Lisa will show you how you can begin to set healthy boundaries and start to power up again when confronted by your energy vampire.

  • Lifetime access to this workshop.
  • Self worth meditation within meditation area to help you build self worth and stand up for yourself.
  • 25% discount on premium programs during workshop.

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